Welcome to the Deaf Church in New Orleans website … the members of Canal Blvd Baptist Deaf Church would like to welcome you to join us. Sermons, worship and lessons are led in sign language (we provide a voice interpreter for hearing people). Service times:

Sundays 9:45 am Sunday School

Sunday Worship Service 10:45am – noon

Wednesday nights 7pm — Deaf Bible chat at Wholefoods on Vets in Metairie!!! Let us treat you to a coffee and enjoy time to sit together and chat about the Bible. Meet at the table area in the front of the store.Deaf Church '08

All are welcomed to attend!!!

5320 and 5324 Canal Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70124

(504) 273-1152 (video phone, tty and voice),

(504) 722-2967 (Barbara’s cell, text and facetime)

bblovas1@yahoo.com or jclovas@gmail.com
CBBDC DEAF NEWS — http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/DeafCommunityNews-CBBDC/info
The Deaf Church NOLA website — http://neworleansdeafchurch.org
The Deaf Church — https://bblovas1.wordpress.com

Twitter — DeafChurchNOLA

Like us on Facebook at New Orleans Deaf Church (CBBDC) and  Canal Boulevard Baptist Deaf Church

Also, if you are looking for Deaf events in the community — go to the left side of this and click on archives to read the DEAF NEWS to find out about all the events in and around the city for the Deaf community. Workshops and training information is also included. Feel free to join the DEAF NEWS by clicking on the purple icon within the DEAF NEWS. By joining the DEAF NEWS you will have the DEAF NEWS delivered to your personal e-mail account automatically.