Who gonna win this TV tomorrow? Come to the service tomorrow morning and see who wins it at the end of the service! Remember we also going to have potluck and church will provide shredded roast beef for sandwich after the service! The TV is provided by New Orleans Sign Language Services. See y’all there and God bless you!

Sunday School — 9:45am In FELLOWSHIP HALL – 5324 Canal Blvd (downstairs door, off Hawthorne Place)

SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICE — 10:45am in BIG bldg facing Canal Blvd (5320 Canal Blvd) All are welcomed!

Also, tomorrow we all eat together homemade roast beef sandwiches with all the fixings and gravy … and whatever else you want to bring.

See you there!!!

P.S. Don’t forget to sign up to ride the 4 seat surrey bikes in City Park. Healing Wheels will also give away hearing aids to 3 people this year and free basic dental needs provided for those who need dental help. Last month Kimmie received a hearing aid and Mat was given new glasses, thank to healing wheels!!! Ask how to register and sign up. And see videos and pictures of our rides through City Park on our website and facebook pages.