Hello All!!!

Here is an update of our Monday Night ASL Class Schedule:
All ASL Monday Classes
Mondays, 6:45pm
5324 Canal Blvd
NOLA, 70124 (enter the side door, downstairs, facing Hawthorne Place)


Beginners ASL — Mary Hoang
Intermediate ASL — Jennie Jones
Advanced ASL — Elizabeth Cazabat
Adjunct ASL Instructor — Eddie Hugger


ASL Class On-site Point of Contact and Monitor — Joshua Cazabat

All classes meet and end at the same. Classes are open to all. You don’t need to pre-register to attend. You can just show up. Instructors are all Deaf or hard of hearing (with exception of the advanced group). Joshua Cazabat will be the on-site POC and will help assigning voicers to the each class or group per the instructor’s requests. He will also be the go to person for any on-site questions, concerns, or problems. Please make sure that you give your contact info to your instructor so that you can be informed of any changes, information, or projects related to your specific class.


“Study in the Park” — Bring your brown paper bag lunch and something to keep you hydrated throughout the day and meet your class and instrutors at the Deaf Church. then get on the streetcar and transfer to the following appropriate streetcars (and perhaps one bus because the streetcar may be down in one area). The classes will meet, study and share lunch at Audubon Park and ride the streetcar back to the Deaf Church. NOTE: It was suggested by the Transit Authority that you look into purchasing an all day pass for your convenience and to save money instead of paying for each transfer. July 11, 2015

“Deaf Deaf World” — Total Immersion Deaf World Experience: Come join us for a day of fun and “frustration.” Experience what it would feel like to be dropped off in a Deaf World, where the required mode of communicatation for all businesses transactions from going to the local store to your court will be ASL. There will be lots of fun and a certificate of completion to be awarded to all those who participate. Sept 19, 2015

PRIVATE TUTORING: Private tutoring can always be set up and paid directly to your instructors for a reasonable fee. All private tutor sessions are held in a public place mutually agreed to by you and your instructor.

OTHER: If you have any questions concerning the program or need help setting personal goals to become fluent in ASL, need to earn CEUs for your profession, need community service hours related to Deaf service hours, want to join the internship program to become a certified ASL interpreter, need a proctor for EIPA Written for educational interpreters and interpreters in the Louisiana Public Schools please contact me directly.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you!!!


Dr. Barbara Lovas, Th.D.
RID CI/ CT, NAD IV, LCD V, MO Licensed
Canal Boulevard Baptist Deaf Church
5320 and 5324 Canal Boulevard
New Orleans, LA 70124
DEAF CHURCH in New Orleans

LinkedIn address: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/barbara-lovas/30/868/b68 E-mail — bblovas1@yahoo.com
VP# — 504 273 1152
Cell/Text – 504 722 2967