ASL STUDY GROUP / Free of cost!!!
Monday Nights on ZOOM!
This study group that regularly meets on Monday nights at 6:45 pm at the Deaf Church will now meet on ZOOM!!! … for all ages: hearing, D/deaf, students, friends and family members of the Deaf, professionals serving the Deaf and those who want to learn sign language:
Beginners Level
Intermediate Level
Advanced Level
Intern Level
FREE!!!! Mondays, 6:45pm via online ZOOM
(Please join us on ZOOM, instead of meeting at the Deaf Church for now) How to join??? Send me your email address. I will ask you a few questions to verify who you and which level class you will be attending (and who your teacher will be) and then I will send you an private invitation. You can invite your friends and family by having them contact me directly at
Hope to see you there!!! – Barbara Lovas
Dr. Barbara Lovas, Th.D.
RID CI/ CT, NAD IV, LCD V, MO Licensed
New Orleans Sign Language Services, LLC
VP# — 504 273 1152
Cell/Text – 504 722 2967
The Free Monday Night ASL Project is sponsored by Canal Boulevard Baptist Deaf Church and New Orleans Sign Language Services, LLC